PT Jaya Pari Steel Tbk (Jaya Pari) was established in 1973 and started its commercial operation in 1976. The company that began to manufacture steel plate in 1982 is known as one of the first steel plate manufacturer in Indonesia. Jaya Pari has received various certification for steel industry, such as steel product certification from Classification Bureau of Indonesia and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

All of Jaya Pari’s products are marketed to domestic market, which include DKI Jakarta, East Java, Central Java and Banten. With production capacity up to 66.000 tons per year, Jaya Pari is ready to fulfill the need of quality steel plate.

Jaya Pari is committed to provide quality steel products and deliver best service to its customer. Jaya Pari is also committed to perform good corporate governance and prioritizes employee’s safety in the workplace.

To improve the Company’s performance, Jaya Pari cooperates with PT Gunawan Dianjaya Steel, Tbk and PT Surya Steel. This cooperation is aimed to ensure the availability of raw material and to market the main and waste products.

To be a re-rolling steel plate mill company to supply domestic market flexibly.

To be a company that is reliable, providing commercial quality steel plate for general construction domestic market.

Relying on human resources development, conservative management and maintain a cooperative environment among all stakeholders to achieve the Company’s objectives.


The implementation of the Company’s social responsibility is aimed at maintaining a balance between internal and public interests, and are indicated by a continuous synergy.


To maintain a safe and healthy environment, the Company performs water testing, participating in environmental safety by providing the fund, and maintaining environmental hygiene. The Company also continually testing air emissions quality, air ambience quality, and the air quality around the work environment. Moreover, Jaya Pari maintain a cooperation with the UPT K3 of Labor Office of East Java Province.


To maintain the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), also the employee development, Jaya Pari undertakes UPL and UKL studies. The Company has also obtained the certificate of OHS Management System (SMK3) and includes employees in SMK3, K3, First Aid, and Compact Fire Extinguisher seminars or trainings.


The Company has implemented the use of labor from nearby residents. The Company has also funded several activities carried out by the people living around the Company area, which includes cleaning activities, national festivals and religious activities.


The Company has obtained SNI certification and ISO 9001: 2008, and guarantees that its products are marketable. The Company also manages a website that provides product information and profile, also existing the conditions in the Company.

Awards & Certifications

In 2015, the Company maintains PROPER performance under “Blue” category, acknowledged by The Ministry of Environment and Forestry Republic of Indonesia, and within the same year, the Company also obtain SNI certificate.

Proper (in 2015)
SNI Certificate (in 2015)
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